One cancer ass kicking day at a time,,, but yesterday it was almost kicking our ass, it was a little, but I think we bounced off of a “bottom”

Nicky Wayne Sorbelli chillin' in Miami, missing Key West typing on
Nicky Wayne Sorbelli chillin’ in Miami, missing Key West typing on

 One cancer ass kicking day at a time,,, but yesterday it was almost kicking our ass, it was a little, but I think we bounced off of a “bottom” and pray that today is better. I have a feeling it will be better today.

Nicky is sleeping right now so I’m just praying and reading over the posts by friends and all the positive vibes and prayers out there on my web sites and email and texts. It’s so awesome and uplifting. It really helps us to have all the digital age support – there would be a big void if we didn’t keep up digitally and with our web site and messages and emails!!!!

When it comes right down to it – we’ve been keeping track – when we reach out for prayers and help – its stronger than chemo — its stronger than food or vitamins — some powerful stuff, the power of positive thought. The cancer & or chemo is tricking Nicky into not eating much at all, really if he doesn’t eat today we’ll be going into the hospital for sure 🙁

There is so much psychology going on here at the moment at Casa Sorbelli. We can’t make too big of a fuss over eating or it creates too much pressure, and defense/offense position open up. We’re not playing that game. Instead we are trying to take the TEAM approach today.  We will use every “mind over matter” advantage ala small portions on plate; cool or room temp NOT hot as it tends to make nausea worse; disguising non attractive food for colorful happy looking food; shakes shakes shakes and more shakes. U can blend up just about anything and make it taste like just about anything – I’m hoping.

It’s a non stop struggle almost a battle to get him to eat even 1 cheerio. This is the first time he has shut out food. – so it rocked our boat & his, yesterday  unfortunately he is very weakened by now not only the chemo but also the lack of any food. It had taken from 9am-7pm yesterday to drink half of a protein shake (which is not enough).

Today when he wakes up we are going to keep calm and try to teach him more about Mind Over Matter. I’m taking it as a Good sign that right before he passed out on the couch yesterday after a short walk, he raised his fist in the air and proclaimed “take that cancer, your not getting me” and he punched his closed clinched fist in the air. I was so proud of him.  I knew as he was passing out that today was going to be a better day, or least a better day of the mind and of taking big control back – TAKING CONTROL where you can, like trying to eat and exercise is essential for healing. 

Like my dear family friend, Key West chiropractor Michael Norman who’s offer of an X-ray saved Nicky’s life, says : 

“Step 1 one :Maximize the Mind!!!!!”

Forward thinking, forward moving, bless up/\

For those of you who are unable to attend a fundraiser, donations can be made directly to any First State Bank branch of the FL Keys in person by mentioning Wayne and/or Jamie Sorbelli and the account ending in 2487 or mail to :
Wayne Sorbelli (Nicky Fund 2487)
2520 Harris Ave.Apt 1
Key West. FL 33040


To donate to Their Go Fund Me site:

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