After a blood transfusion Nicky & I rest then explore nearby Miami & Coconut Grove area & maybe even play some guitar!!

Nicky & Wayne Sorbelli experience the  Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum
Nicky & Wayne Sorbelli experience the Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum

After a blood transfusion of two bags of blood over 7 hours, Nicky’s hemoglobin level is back up to above 8 which the doctors say is good for this stage of chemotherapy ARAC, which lowers the blood cell counts (t-cells) where Nicky’s cancer originated. This chemo treatment purposely lowers the body’s natural immune system, then we rebuild minus the cancer’s influence or presence.

We are back at our temporary apartment in Miami recuperating while exploring around some outside areas (gardens and museums) and SOME inside activities (play video games and guitars).  When ones immune system is weak from illness or as part of treatment, one must avoid crowds of people inside or out & avoid inside closed areas with anyone at all – this minimizes the risk of illness or infection while the body is in this temporary but nessessary part of  the treatment for “T-Cell Lypoblastic Lymphomo”, which is my son Nicky’s diagnosis.

We firmly believe that all of the praying and positive vibes sent by our family and friends indeed are just as responsible for Nicky’s recovery as the chemotherapy and modern technology are. The steady stream of social media and website messages and emails to Nicky and our family members by our friends and support groups gives Nicky, Jamie, Leela and all our family the boost of unprecedented courage, patience and willpower it takes to ease the blow of the chemo and focus and maximize the damage to the cancer cells and their influence. We believe that the cause is the cure! I really truly believe this! I believe everybody has cancer and kills cancer cells on a daily basis. Myself and friend Dr Michael Norman and his mentor Dr Charles Majors, believe that we figure out why Nicky’s body turned cancerous when it did and then how to prevent as well as kill the cancer presently existing and preventing new cancer cells from forming. Doing this kind of research WHILE going through the chemotherapy is very taxing. Not only are we kind of stuck between two often disagreeing and contrasting belief systems but also stuck between state laws and the insurance companies compliance – what they do and do NOT cover $$.   One group believes in focusing in on killing the cancer with chemo , and the other  approach is to use more natural and environmental factors and “outside the body behavior modifications” which either kill or prevent the cancer. I believe in combining both.

In Nicky’s case it WAS a chiropractor or natural approach that discovered his cancer – NOT modern technology or science. But immediately AFTER discovering the tumor in Nicky’s chest it was the CHEMO, modern technology and SIENCE that shrunk the mass, took all of the suffocating pressure off of his heart and lungs from the mass (tumor) inside his chest , stabilized his condition, and saved his life.

So any way you want to roll it up – go for it – but please keep the prayers and positive thoughts flowing Nicky’s way. Please don’t stop the stream of encouraging messages and emails. Please keep sharing our posts and spreading the word. They’re the better.

Here is my :58 second prayer song “Ukulele Side Blues” dedicated to NICKY’s fightjng cancer.

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