Nicky headed in for a blood platelet transfusion and chemo

We are at the Miami Children’s Hospital. Nicky’s blood levels dropped very low so we headed in for a blood transfusion yesterday where he got his chemo at the same time, then saline and hydration because he was puking so bad from the chemo he lost lots of fluids.  

He started bleeding from his nose, mouth and rectum so he go a blood platelet transfusion which stopped the bleeedning THANK GOD!

He’s awake and recuperating now. They took another blood test a few minutes ago and now we wait to see if he’s needing more blood or if we can make out way back to out apt in Miami. The chemo is a hard road but it is kicking the cancers butt AMEN

It has certainly been another hard long day and night of fighting on the frontline of operation Kick Cancers Ass 

Here is my :58 second prayer song “Ukulele Side Blues” dedicated to NICKY’s fightjng cancer.

OFFICIAL UP TO DATE everything Nicky Sorbelli.
To donate to Their Go Fund Me site:

Peace , Later 

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