Nicky Sorbelli VS Cancer. He uses The Force, some ninja mind spells, & a zillagram worth of prayers on his power move meter to fight off ,,,

  Nicky used a zillagram worth of energy on his health bar meter yesterday during NICKY SORBELLI VS. CANCER. 

He got two bags of blood (hemoglobin) and a bag of platlets. 

This morning when the sickness (nasea) hit him it did a bit harder than usual (typical of cancer and chemotherapy) but hen the cancer tried a sneaky and cowardly move, and tried to sneak up on him while he was sleeping – Nicky was ready for it and used a special move – an ancient secret prayer spell that a Super Hero showed me a long time ago. 

As Nicky’s mind got stronger and he held his head high and his chin up and his arm up in the air middle fiber extended in a straight line – he looked the cancer right in its scared face and declared aloud – get out cancer – go back to hell where you came from you freeking wimp!!! 

Then like a cross between an old Jedi night, and a young spider man ninja type, he does this super hero move with his arm and faster than the eye can see -then 




Nicky’s color came back! He cracked a smile, turned on the PS4 video game system and says “Dad, I love You” then gets on with his gaming like nothing happened. 

I’m like,,??? Holly Snizt WTF – he is so my hero – what a warrior!!!! 

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