NEPA musicians Benefit Concert To Help 10yr old Nicky Sorbelli Kick His Blood Cancer’s Ass Nov 8,2015 @River St Jazz Cafe, Plains Pa 

Nov 8th NEPA Benefit Concert To HELP my son 10yr old Nicky Sorbelli with his epic battle to Kick His Blood Cancers Ass still needs donation baskets and raffle items.  PLS SHARE 

OMG these bands are awesome. This is gong to be a GREAT MUSICAL CALL TO ARMS for NEPA and for the GREATEST  CAUSE IN THE WORLD – so my little boy can continue to battle his blood cancer and my wife and I can afford to stay by his side over the course of the next several months while he continues his chemotherapy. 

Aside from the donations and raffle items that all my friends are throwing in, I will be giving up many of my personal items to put into the raffle – like a bunch of music collectibles & autographs & records, as well as a few of my guitars.  An all black USA Strat, a vintage cherry Dean Gran Sport, a few work horse guitars like my Reverend Charger HBFM and Nylon string guitar, and more. 

Follow Nicky and the rest of the family on our personal site 

Monetary donation can be made dorectky to First State Bank Of The Florida Keys account SORBELLI 2487 


Nicky’s gofundme account 

Nicky & I are typing and loading pictures on Nicky’s own page on our Sorbelli family website at

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