Nicky Sorbelli gets port installed directly into his heart for his cancer chemo treatments and other IV needs.

Nicky gets a port installed directly into his heart which is accessed from a small plate buried under his skin on his chest. for his cancer chemo treatments and other IV needs that he will be having done over the next few years.

Treatment plan remains weekly chemo trips to Miami Children’s Hospital for the next 7 months. Then three years of maintenance, one weekend a month for the three years. Totaling around 3 years 8 months total.

Yes thank God that the cancer is retreating, running scared from chemo and nutrition and prayers by the pound.

Nicky less than 12 hours after getting the chemo heart port placement operation.  He’s very soar but still wants to go walking around the nurses station for exercise and curiosity lol

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NICKY SORBELLI Good news! Prayers, positivity, caring, & sharing from family & friends is KICKING CANCERS BUTT

Cancer Butt KIcker Nicholas "Nicky" Wayne Sorbelli & his Father.

Cancer Butt KIcker Nicholas “Nicky” Wayne Sorbelli & his Father.

The Sorbelli family just got GREAT news about Nicky!

Nicky’s cancer is retreating!!!

The tumor had shrunk from larger than a grapefruit size, to the size of a piece of rice,  in just one month!!

His treatments, prayers,  caring, sharing of resources, LOVE and positivity are working!

NIcholas is   “Kicking Cancer’s Butt, One Block at a Time”

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To HELP Nicky Sorbelli my 9yr old son whom we just discovered has T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (cancer) & we badly need everyone to HELP & PRAY & SHARE.
So far, he is responding well to treatment. Treatment plan for now is Thurs – Saturday in Miami children’s hospital every week for next seven months. Then once a month for three years. So it’s going to be a long strange trip.
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Jack’s Lemonade Stand Fundraiser for Nicky Sorbelli at Higgs Beach Key West 6/13/15 Saturday Morning 7am-? During the Tutu 10k Relay

Saturday morning 7am-?  6/13/15 at Higgs Beach Key West during the Tutu 10k Relay

Lemonade Stand for Nicky Fundraiser by The Normans and MaxHealth Key West

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A million zillion thanx from my son Nicky and the rest of the Sorbelli family

The Sorbelli's
The Sorbelli’s
A million zillion thanx from my son Nicky and the rest of the Sorbelli Quint Sorbelli​ familyfor really showing what a family IS.

The power of focused wishes and prayers are so awesome during this time of needing strength !! I also need to say thank u to my extra special wife Jamie Jamie Maniskas Sorbelli​ and daughter Leela for all supporting each other in this time. !!! And thank you Nicky for being the best son brother and friend in the world. Really!!

Fishing for Snapper in Key West is one of Nicky Sorbelli’s favorite things to do – even after a round of chemotherapy

Nicky Sorbelli Fishing Key West
Nicky Sorbelli Fishing Key West

Nicky said “dad let’s go catch a few snapper for later tonight and nanny can cook them (my mom is in town staying with us to help us through).

I admit, nothing beats a little father-son time next to the water with a fishing pole in hand, after a weekly trip to Miami for his chemotherapy.

There is something so basic, soooo human, just so natural about hearing a child say “daddy I’m hungry, let’s go catch some food”  – its the EXACT opposite world it seems from the technology driven beeping sterile sound of the Miami chemotherapy treatment center. Total YIN and YANG.  And right now.  We need both YIN and YANG to keep the positive healing ball rolling forward.

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