Fishing for Snapper in Key West is one of Nicky Sorbelli’s favorite things to do – even after a round of chemotherapy

Nicky Sorbelli Fishing Key West
Nicky Sorbelli Fishing Key West

Nicky said “dad let’s go catch a few snapper for later tonight and nanny can cook them (my mom is in town staying with us to help us through).

I admit, nothing beats a little father-son time next to the water with a fishing pole in hand, after a weekly trip to Miami for his chemotherapy.

There is something so basic, soooo human, just so natural about hearing a child say “daddy I’m hungry, let’s go catch some food”  – its the EXACT opposite world it seems from the technology driven beeping sterile sound of the Miami chemotherapy treatment center. Total YIN and YANG.  And right now.  We need both YIN and YANG to keep the positive healing ball rolling forward.

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