“Forward Thinking, Forward Moving” slogan of positivity shields and defends my family while we battle the ugly disease Cancer!!

Nicky takes an ambulance (with awesome Nurse Lauren Cagen)  from Miami Children’s Hospital MCH to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center SCCC  everyday for a week for radiation treatments that worked to shrink the mass in his chest by more than 50% and the mass in his neck is gone!! It’s good news for him and my family to know that the tumor is on the retreat!

Chemotherapy started again last night/this morning at 1am – a 24 hour infussion. We pray that the chemo, vitamins & prayers hits the cancer cells HARD. We are hoping to drop the hammer of GOD down on this blood cancer so that he gets back into remission, where he’ll again become a candidate for a bone marrow transplant and then move forward -we pray!!

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Nicky Sorbelli getting radiation to help shrink the mass in his chest and neck. Keep the prayers & help coming. Thanks for caring & sharing


Nicky’s Condition changed recently in that his cancer has become resistant to his current chemo and a mass came back around his heart, pushing on the lungs, arteries, diaphragm, up thought the left side of his neck and pushing on nerves. Unfortunately unless he goes into complete remission again he won’t be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. At this point we are trying to see if there is anything left to do to try to get to him into remission. We are trying radiation today and for the next almost two weeks to try to shrink the mass’s  size to give Nicky some pain relief. 

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10yr old Nicky Sorbelli is still in hospital & needs another platelet blood transfusion. HELP by sharing this post to raise awareness of his need for REMISSION, PRAYERS, SUPPORT & a bone marrow match donor! www.Sorbelli.com

As most of you reading this know, my son Nicky Sorbelli has been fighting T-Cell Lympblastic Lymphoma since his diagnosis in May 2015 – his cancer became chemo resistant in late November so they had to switch his treatment to a MUCH harder chemo & soon radiation – leading to a bone marrow transplant. For right now, all the prayers, energy & focus is on getting the blood cancer & mass around his heart to stop growing  & retreat, at which point Nicky will become a candidate for bone marrow transplant. Until his cancer goes into remission it’s a VERY scary scenario. Pls FOLLOW, SHARE, & spread the word of our search for health, no pain, blood & a bone marrow match – GOD BLESS

10 yr old son, cancer battler & inspirational hero Nicky Sorbelli & his family father Wayne, mother Jamie & sister Leela go on local news TV in Miami, Key West, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, NEPA (ABC TV affiliates) asking the nation for FREE bone marrow donor testing at www.BeTheMatch.org 

DONATE &.HELP Nicky Sorbelli & his family through his gofundme account https://www.gofundme.com/uldcw0