Wayne “Woken Lion”, “Elmore”, “Led”, or “hallowayne” Sorbelli

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli raising money helping kids fight cancer with his Led Zeppelin Tribute Band @ Key West Theater
Wayne “Led” Sorbelli, Michelle “The DRAVE” Dravis, Greg “G-MAM” Shanle, Francious Gehin, Rebecca Whittenmorse, Eric Morris, Jamie Everette (members of this night’s band missing from photo: Johnny “Van Plant” Turner, Karri “Dali”Wolf , & Zack “Cousin Arkansas” Jones)
Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Experience 2 Key West Theater raising money helping kids fight Cancer

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Thank you everyone. It’s time to help some Key West children & their families that need some relief/resources. I love ALL of you for any & all help spreading the word of the cause of & this details of this benefit show to support the cause. 

Having lost Nicky Wayne Sorbelli, our 10yr old son, after fighting blood cancer so bravely for a year, that seemed like 10, this is a top shelf priority for me & my family. I like to kick cancer in the teeth every chance I get.

Click the link to buy tickets directly from the Key West Theater Box Office on Eaton Street. https://thekeywesttheater.com/e/?event=403736

Pls use this QR code below to make a direct donation to Nicky’s Celebration, Inc 501c Non-profit . Proceeds help local children fighting pediatric cancers & their families.

I’ve been staying busy during 2020 “Covid-19 stay in” by keeping up on my Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin material. Now 2021 I’m taking the idea of doing Led Zep covers to the next level- a Led Zep Tribute Show!! Smash the link below to check out a little of what we’ve got so far. Here’s a little solo from “Stairway to Heaven”

The “Woken Lion”

Blues Slide Legend Bill Blue & Wayne Sorbelli at the first annual Key West Blues Festival

It was a SOLD OUT blues show at the Key West Theater!!!! May 25th, 2019. A great way to mark the first of MANY Key West Blues festivals!!! Thank God!!

I’m so happy to share the stage with some of my musical peers Tim Marshall Curtis “Commander Hawk”, Andy Westcott, Rick Fusco, Bobby DeVito, Daryl Brooke, Henry Lysy Jr., Randy Morrow, Michelle Dravis, Karri Daley, AND a few of my musical heros like Ericson Holt, one of the greatest living piano playing songwriters IN THE WORLD, and blues legend, slide guitar slinger and songwriter, Bill Blue!!!!

For sure one of the musical highlights in my life so far is to have shared the stage with Ericson Holt and Bill Blue!!!! Another 2 notches on the belt! Another strike off the bucket list.

I want to thank the promoter Joel Barrios for having faith in this blues festival idea.

,,,when I woke up this morning in the hospital next to Nicky, the song was in my head with lyrics and all.  http://islandguitar.com/2015/08/23/wake-up-little-lion-ukulele-demo-4-nicky-by-wayne-woken-lion-sorbelli-from-island-guitar-music-studio-in-key-west-at-miami-childrens-hospital/


Wayne “Woken Lion” Sorbelli

 These notes are dedicated to my son Nicky Sorbelli. “Ukulele Slide Blues”


To Cancer: FU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME – KILLING IN THE NAME RATM dedicated to my son. RIP Nicky!!

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7 thoughts on “Wayne “Woken Lion”, “Elmore”, “Led”, or “hallowayne” Sorbelli”

  1. Thanks for a very inspirational chat this morning. I’ll keep that picture in my head, along with yours, for whenever I need a little uplifting 😊

  2. Wayne, Please see my Facebook timeline, I just posted an article on it that I stumbled upon (Huffpost.com) about a dr. who has found a treatment that put 93% of difficult/untreatable blood cancer (Lymphoblastic Leukemia specifically mentioned) cases into remission. Definitely worth a read!!

  3. Wayne Sorbeli… A true family man, loyal friend,community volunteer,amazing musician and just Real.
    Wayne and his family are in the hearts of all of us back home in Pitston,Pa.Love and Peace to the Sorbellis.
    Rest in Peace Warrior Nicky.

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