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Nicholas Wayne Sorbelli


June 29, 2005 to February 17, 2016

I am 10 years old. Loving the life in Key West.


Click link for Nicky’s Celebration, Inc. 501c non-profit organization OFFICIAL PAGE

TYPED BY Nicky 2016 a few moths after he was diagnosed with cancer – he was happy to have his OWN page and way to say stuff officially concerning his progress & battles.

I left it here after he passed – for a few reasons. Feel free to read ahead.


Nicky Wayne Sorbelli: (2015) Right now I’m in a huge fight with cancer.

I’m staying strong and kicking its ass. I have to eat healthy, get exercise, and think positive and I can get it out of my body.

Please help me get better by praying and thinking good thoughts! 🙂 🙂

(2016) Here is the link to ME on TV with my family asking for FREE bone marrow donor match test kits to rally and help find a match for me to help save my life and get rid of my cancer. Please tell everyone you know to share this information and PLEASE HELP Sorbelli & his family father Wayne, mother Jamie & sister Leela go on local news TV in Miami, Key West, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, NEPA (ABC TV affiliates) asking the nation for FREE bone marrow donor testing at

This is a Fender Strat guitar that cool Mr Thomas Miller got autograpged all round Hollywood Ca – for two weeks, from stage to stage, each night he’d gone to a different concert & asked the musicians to play a song dedicated to kicking the crap out of Nicky Sorbellis’s cancer then have them sign the Guitar!!! THANK YOU !!!!

Nicky Sorbelli 10th BDay party in Key West with family & friends Nicky Sorbelli 10th BDay party in Key West with family & friends

OFFICIAL UP TO DATE everything Nicky Sorbelli.


18 thoughts on “Nicky”

  1. Hi I am one of your cousin’s on your dad’s side of the family. I just wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts & prayers. We Love you! You are an amazing young man. I hope I will get to meet you in person one day. Until then my family & I are sending you lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses! Love you always, cousin Jenny

  2. Hey Nicky it’s jack n I was wondering if you see these comments if you do than I hope you start feeling better I can’t wait till we can have a sleep over

    1. hello it’s nicky also cant wait until im allowed to come back to Key West and see you and have a sleepover and hangout

  3. Hi Nicky, this is Kyle. You may not remember me but anyhow. Letting you know you and your family=in my prayers. Much love.

  4. Hi Nicky
    This is Dre
    Missing seeing you at school
    And hope you heal quickly so we can play lacrosse again
    P.S kick butt

  5. Excellent job Nicky and the Sorbelli Family. We will all continue to pray for you, send good thoughts and good Karma. We will support you very step of the way thru fundraisers, prayer circles and will B your Prayer Warriors for as long as it takes. All the BEST from Dallas, PA.

  6. Loving you and praying for you every mourning when I open my eyes and every night when I light 2 candles. One for you and your family and one for all the other warriors fighting the fight with their families too. Looking forward to taking you deep sea fishing for pelagic fish that will fill your cooler! Hang tough kiddo, we are all rooting for you! Get well beautiful boy. Your spirit inspires so many! Annette

  7. Rest in Peace Nicky. You are, always will be and have been an inspiration to us all. I felt the wind from your wings, as you flew away last night. I love you, always and forever.
    Written: Feb. 18th @ 1:26pm

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