Happy Father’s Day to my dad Quint Sorbelli & my grandfather Paul “Bonzo” Sechevich


Wayne and Nicky Sorbelli enjoying Father's Day in Miami
Wayne and Nicky Sorbelli enjoying Father’s Day in Miami

No rules at Miami Children’s Hospital against some.tickling and some laughing during chemotherapy is there??

Happy Father’s Day to my dad Quint Sorbelli & my granddad Paul Sechevich “Bonzo” keep rocking on, moving forward, and blessing UP!

Ironically this is the BEST Father’s Day so far for me as a dad. A second chance at my son’s life beats the living crap out of a new coffee cup or sweatshirt, lawnmower, drill or even sports car or yarch! – any day!! I have NEVER been so grateful in my life. My family is so surrounded with love and prayers and positive vibes that I can feel it in my heart, soull, spine, tingling on the back of the neck AND the hair on my arms stands up. We are glowing with hope and gratitude.  Thanks for all the best dad day ever!!!

OFFICIAL UP TO DATE LIST OF FUNDRAISRERS for Nicky Sorbelli: http://sorbelli.com/category/nickys-cancer-benefits-fundraisers/

OFFICIAL UP TO DATE everything Nicky Sorbelli. http://sorbelli.com/category/nicky-sorbelli/

To donate to Their Go Fund Me site: http://www.gofundme.com/uldcw0

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