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Key West Blues Festival 2019 encore jam w/Michelle Dravis, Karri Daley, Andy Westcott, Wayne Sorbelli, Randy Morrow, Tim Curtis, Rick Fusco, Francois Gehin, Bill Hoebee, Ericson Holt

Key West Blues Festival 2019 Encore Jam w/Sorbelli,

Key West Blues Festival 2019 Encore Jam

Musicians on stage for the encore jam left to right:

Michelle Dravis, Karri Daley, Andy Westcott, Wayne Sorbelli, (Randy Morrow drums), Tim Marshall Curtis, Rick Fusco, Francois Gehin (Bass), Bill Hoebee, Ericson Holt.

For an encore jam we all played together on Albert King’s Crosscut Saw. It was great!

Blues recording artist & Slide Guitar legend Bill Blue and Wayne Sorbelli dual slide Jam at the 1st Annual Key West Blues Festival 2019

Blues Slide Legend Bill Blue & Wayne Sorbelli at the first annual Key West Blues Festival

It was a SOLD OUT blues show at the Key West Theater!!!! May 25th, 2019. A great way to mark the first of MANY Key West Blues festivals!!! Thank God!!

I’m so happy to share the stage with some of my musical peers Tim Marshall Curtis “Commander Hawk”, Andy Westcott, Rick Fusco, Bobby DeVito, Daryl Brooke, Henry Lysy Jr., Randy Morrow, Francois Gehin, Michelle Dravis, Karri Daley, AND a few of my musical heros like Ericson Holt, one of the greatest living piano playing songwriters IN THE WORLD, and blues legend, slide guitar slinger and songwriter, Bill Blue!!!!

For sure one of the musical highlights in my life so far is to have shared the stage with Ericson Holt and Bill Blue!!!! Another 2 notches on the belt! Another strike off the bucket list.

I want to thank the promoter Joel Barrios for having faith in this blues festival idea.

Karri Daley & Wayne Sorbelli at Key West Blues Festival 2019

Memorial service to honor Nicky’s life is on Higgs Beach Key West 3/3/16 Thursday March 3rd 2016 at 5pm until sunset?? A party to celebrate his life, his bravery during his epic battle with blood cancer and to thank him for being an inspirational hero to so many. 

PLEASE SHARE. Memorial service to honor Nicky’s life will be held on Higgs Beach in Key West 3/3/16 Thursday March 3rd 2016 at 5pm until sunset ?? A party to celebrate his life, his bravery during his epic battle with blood cancer and to thank him for being an inspirational hero to so many!!! Sharing of great memories, laughter, music and dancing are all on the agenda.

Instead of flowers I ask that you donate to his sister Leela Sorbelli because we use all her college savings fund fighting her brother Nicky’s cancer – now we are in the process of building it back up.  Please help us – it took is 15 years to save it and now only have less than three years to build it back up yes she starts college in under four years !!!!! OMG)

LEELA Sorbelli : 2520 Harris Ave Apt#1,Key West, FL 33040

God bless! Many thanks

Memorial service for “Nicky” Nicholas Wayne Sorbelli  born 6/29/05 & passed battling cancer on 2/17/16 will be held on March 3rd, 2016 at Higgs Beach in Key West 5pm til sunset doing what he loved MOST – Remembering good stories – Celebrating life – Laughing – Joyful Tears  – Playing – Fishing – Dancing – Partying!!!

A memorial service for my 10yr old son  “Nicky” Nicholas Wayne Sorbelli born 6/29/05 & passed battling cancer on 2/17/16 will be held on March 3rd, 2016 at Higgs Beach in Key West 5pm til sunset or later?!?  

We will spend our time doing what he loved MOST – Remembering good stories – Celebrating life – Laughing – Joyful Tearing  – Playing – Fishing – Dancing – Partying!!! 

Thanks to everyone of our family and friends who supported us during this time of need, both emotionally by being there for hugs but also financially by holding the fundraisers and starting the donations account AND for ALWAYS  supporting our little family owned and run music lesson sales and service shop in Key West AND Dallas!! 

We Love you all!! 



RIP Nicky Wayne Sorbelli 06/29/05-2/17/16. Son, brother, grandson, great grandson, cousin, nephew,  classmate, student teammate, friend, & inspirational hero passed away last night while battling his blood cancer.

 RIP Nicky Wayne Sorbelli 06/29/05-2/17/16. Son, brother, grandson, great grandson, cousin, nephew, classmate, student teammate, friend, & inspirational hero passed away in the arms of his sister, mom and dad last night while battling his blood cancer.

Outside exploring nature was surely one of Nicky’s favorite things to do. He was quick to name every fish or identify lizards and birds. One of many things Nicky loved and often enjoyed doing was to go “exploring”. We had some epic adventures in and off the waters of Key West as well as off road mountain explorations and “creek walking adventures” back at Nanny and Poopy’s home in NEPA.  

Nicky preferred being outside (when not conquering a video game). We’d take him outside the hospital every chance we could for as long as we could and he loved it!!

Nanny & Poppy Sorbelli are always there and willing to lend a helping hand or two.

Nanny relieving some terrible muscle spasms with one of her family famous neck and back massages – one of Nicky’s favorite things in the world since he was an infant, was a good back or neck massage. He even loved his tummy rubbed. 

Nicky was a very hard fighting kid who even stayed in school, by way of his lap top and Skype, right until his last day. – he was VERY determined and driven. 

Nicky always loved sports. Just days before he got diagnosed with his blood cancer he did the SUP (stand up paddleboard) race in Key West.  

Nicky was known for having a GREAT sense of humor. In fact, while in the hospital, he’d hang a joke-of-the-day up in his hospital room everyday so the nurses and Doctor’s would have a new laugh each day – Nicky was my hero on many levels – his passion for ALWAYS trying to make people feel better is one of them. 

I loved my little Lion’s long golden hair. Even though he’d often be mistaken for a little girl  – he still liked to keep his hair LION long!  

  Nicky always loved fishing. It was one of his favorite things to do. Thank you my friend Tim  “Commander Hawk” for the awesome fishing trips on your boat. 

Rest In Peace little lion Nicky Sorbelli 

Nicky is not strong enough to handle anymore chemo or radiation so I make & treat him with my own natural cancer killing cocktails! Fighting a T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lyphoma relapse with God, prayers, friends, vitamins, nutrition & an aura of positivity so strong it’s become a constant almost physical manifestation of  HOPE – a presence of energy felt anywhere around Nicky

Cancer doctors said there is not much more they can do for my 10yr old son Nicky Sorbelli except for control his pain at this point. The tumor has shrunken but not gone away. He’s far away in blood health minimum requirements to handle any kind of chemo or radiation at this point. There are cancer cells circulating through his blood but they don’t know if they are fresh dead ones that Nicky’s body hadn’t expelled yet, or new live ones. We’ll know more in a few days.
We have prayers & vitamins & HOPE BY THE POUND so we still aren’t without a forward pushing fight!!!

I swear it seams like he’s getting better to me not worse.

We pray for him to get stable enough to go home to Key West & see his friends. I have faith in God & friends & the vitamins so I’m not digging a ditch or buying a coffin yet -FUOK that! I’m standing my ground & my beliefs that some of the vitamins have credibility & merit so I’m pushing forward & continuing my own treatment & I am NOT giving up hope. A matter of fact it has not felt like the end, but instard the opposite – it feels like a new beginning, ANOTHER beginning.
I pray that rebuilding his immune system, instead of beating the crap out of it, will buy us enough time to properly employ some natural cancer killing substances. Doctors said a few days ago there began a presence of a chemical in Nicky that is only present when fast growing cells (cancer) are dying or growing – basically Nicky started showing signs of a ton of activity – either his cancer suddenly started dying fast or growing fast — Five days ago I finally graduated his dosage level & dosage frequency to teported cancer killing levels with the vitamins & natural cancer killing cocktails we’ve developed. (Developed along with nutritionists, chiropractors, spiritual inspirations, self cancer healers like Dr Charles Majors*, networking with patients & families from coat to coast & God governed parental instinct) — then two days after I started that dosage amount & frequency is when all those levels in him spiked up. Doctors said because THEY didn’t administer any hardcore cancer killing agents like radiation or chemo in the past few days, they think those high levels in Nicky is the cancer growing not dying, but I DID administer a cancer killer that lines right up with it in timing with that date!!! I gave a huge dose of my cancer killing cocktail two days before those levels shot up – lets pray that the cancer is quickly dying not growing. Let’s pray that the vitamins hit the tumor like a chemo or radiation or even harder – like the hammer of God!

This is one EPIC battle. Nicky has been fighting for his life  each and every day since his diagnosis May 14th, 2015. T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.  Blood cancer. Now more than ever I’m taking full advantage of everything I have within my reach that I could use to kill his tumor. The Greek Cancer Test shows that Nickys cancer dies rapidly from arsenic or B17 – so of course I make my own using the seeds from three different apples a day & this gets mixed in with my “cancer killer cocktail” I’m serving Nicky with strick monitoring dosing frequency & volune down to a strick schedule.

To follow Nicky’s story in his own words on his own blog on our family web site:
For a list of Nicky’s cancer killer concerts and benefits

*Dr Charles Majors is one of the few people in the world who cured their own cancer.  He had brain cancer and after trying all the available treatments of chemotherapy he was told the same thing that Nicky is begun told right now, that you still have cancer and we can’t give you any more chemo” so he did the Greek Cancer Test and used that as well as other tests and information to make his own cancer killer cocktails – just like he taught us last year. He has been cancer free for MORE than five years!!! Dr Michael Norman is who told me about Dr Majors – thanks Mike!

“Forward Thinking, Forward Moving” slogan of positivity shields and defends my family while we battle the ugly disease Cancer!!

Nicky takes an ambulance (with awesome Nurse Lauren Cagen)  from Miami Children’s Hospital MCH to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center SCCC  everyday for a week for radiation treatments that worked to shrink the mass in his chest by more than 50% and the mass in his neck is gone!! It’s good news for him and my family to know that the tumor is on the retreat!

Chemotherapy started again last night/this morning at 1am – a 24 hour infussion. We pray that the chemo, vitamins & prayers hits the cancer cells HARD. We are hoping to drop the hammer of GOD down on this blood cancer so that he gets back into remission, where he’ll again become a candidate for a bone marrow transplant and then move forward -we pray!!

DONATE & HELP Nicky Sorbelli & his family through his gofundme

Nicky Sorbelli getting radiation to help shrink the mass in his chest and neck. Keep the prayers & help coming. Thanks for caring & sharing


Nicky’s Condition changed recently in that his cancer has become resistant to his current chemo and a mass came back around his heart, pushing on the lungs, arteries, diaphragm, up thought the left side of his neck and pushing on nerves. Unfortunately unless he goes into complete remission again he won’t be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. At this point we are trying to see if there is anything left to do to try to get to him into remission. We are trying radiation today and for the next almost two weeks to try to shrink the mass’s  size to give Nicky some pain relief. 


10yr old Nicky Sorbelli is still in hospital & needs another platelet blood transfusion. HELP by sharing this post to raise awareness of his need for REMISSION, PRAYERS, SUPPORT & a bone marrow match donor!

As most of you reading this know, my son Nicky Sorbelli has been fighting T-Cell Lympblastic Lymphoma since his diagnosis in May 2015 – his cancer became chemo resistant in late November so they had to switch his treatment to a MUCH harder chemo & soon radiation – leading to a bone marrow transplant. For right now, all the prayers, energy & focus is on getting the blood cancer & mass around his heart to stop growing  & retreat, at which point Nicky will become a candidate for bone marrow transplant. Until his cancer goes into remission it’s a VERY scary scenario. Pls FOLLOW, SHARE, & spread the word of our search for health, no pain, blood & a bone marrow match – GOD BLESS

10 yr old son, cancer battler & inspirational hero Nicky Sorbelli & his family father Wayne, mother Jamie & sister Leela go on local news TV in Miami, Key West, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, NEPA (ABC TV affiliates) asking the nation for FREE bone marrow donor testing at 

DONATE &.HELP Nicky Sorbelli & his family through his gofundme account