The “Woken Lion”

,,,when I woke up this morning in the hospital next to Nicky, the song was in my head with lyrics and all.  http://islandguitar.com/2015/08/23/wake-up-little-lion-ukulele-demo-4-nicky-by-wayne-woken-lion-sorbelli-from-island-guitar-music-studio-in-key-west-at-miami-childrens-hospital/

Wayne “Woken Lion” Sorbelli

 These notes are dedicated to my son Nicky Sorbelli. “Ukulele Slide Blues – Notes For Hopes”

To Cancer: FU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME – KILLING IN THE NAME RATM dedicated to my 10yr old cancer fighting son. This is my Roar!!

https://youtu.be/J1EwjBNNDzU wayne-sorbelli-island-music-store-guitar-lessons-rentals-repair-shop

Greetings friends!  I am a guitar player since 1980, guitar repair and set-up guy since 1996, music store owner and operator since 1997, and guitar teacher since 1998.


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7 thoughts on “Wayne”

  1. Thanks for a very inspirational chat this morning. I’ll keep that picture in my head, along with yours, for whenever I need a little uplifting 😊

  2. Wayne, Please see my Facebook timeline, I just posted an article on it that I stumbled upon (Huffpost.com) about a dr. who has found a treatment that put 93% of difficult/untreatable blood cancer (Lymphoblastic Leukemia specifically mentioned) cases into remission. Definitely worth a read!!

  3. Wayne Sorbeli… A true family man, loyal friend,community volunteer,amazing musician and just Real.
    Wayne and his family are in the hearts of all of us back home in Pitston,Pa.Love and Peace to the Sorbellis.
    Rest in Peace Warrior Nicky.

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