Sorbelli Family Zombie Cancer Killer Super Heroes going to teach Nicky’s blood cancer a lesson on how to GET OUT & STAY AWAY


Sobelli Cancer Killer Zombie Heros
  We were training on being cancer killing Heros and keeping positive so that we may unleash on the beast cancer a serious butt kicking. 

We have to be tough REAL tough –  ZOMBIE TUFF !!! So we practicing getting ZOMBIE on today’s catch so we are prepared to take on Nicky’s blood cancer. 

We are getting ready to go in for phase 3 of 4 intense chemotherapy on Tuesday morning. We were at home in Key West for a few days of “rest/fishing 😃👍” – getting ready to head back to Miami in a few hours. It would have been great to see our friends this weekend but so sorry we couldn’t make it to Jazz Cafe Benefit for Nicky (we were under doctor’s orders to avoid anyone but immediate family & avoid all crowds (because Nicky’s immune system is very compromised at the moment as the chemotherapy does its job on the cancer) which makes fishing on a boat in the gulf of Mexico away from everything and everyone a relatively SAFE but very fun activity (except for  the swimming with the SHARKS part lol just kidding)
I’m asking in advance to please keep sending prayers!! Thank you 
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